Dialer On Cloud – Key Features

Intillegent Dialler


DialerOnCloud is a three-in-one system that delivers VOICE calls, SMS and EMAILS to your target


Integrated CRM to manage leads


DialerOnCloud solution offers integrated CRM to store, manage and analyze customer information


One click reports for managers


  • Real time reports for tracking individual campaigns
  • Effective calls dialed per campaign
  • Ability to track agents’ performance through date and time, number of calls made, live connects, leads
  • Live Campaign Status viz. Talking, On hold, No answer


Automatic detection


Detects and filters the ‘no answers’, disconnected and busy lines. Then drops pre-recorded messages
on answering machines automatically. This ensures agents are on live calls all the time.


Rerun your call-backs


Has facility to rerun all campaigns to trickle down to the hot prospects.


Change phone numbers dynamically


Depending on agents available, the number of simultaneous calls can be varied


Readymade email templates


Offers a variety of pre-made email templates to choose for emails. A handy scheduler is available for drip marketing. Drip marketing or Automated follow-up emails allows you to stay in touch with prospects throughout the sales process.


Customizable dispositions


Customizable dispositions options available: call back, hot leads, do not call, changed number