IVR Solutions

Our IVR solution offers in-bound Automated and Interactive Voice Response Systems that can handle voice based menus / responses to incoming customer calls. Ideal for Call Centers, Banking and Insurance Companies who may need an automated voice response menu to be built to guide calling customers to respective destinations or route the customer to a live customer service agent.

IVR Scenarios

  •  Customer Support
  •  Customer feedback polling
  •  Quick menu guide over voice
  •  Phone Surveys
  •  Automatic call pick up and transfer
  •  Automatic routing to relevant agents

Advanced Capabilities:

  • Dashboard and Reports
  • User and Group Management
  • Unified Reporting and Management of the complete easyIVRS Server Farm
  • Trouble Ticketing

Solution Features

  • Provides IVRS through ISDN network
  • Provides one or more IVRS menus based on defined rules
  • Has the capability to present an automated voice based menus to callers
  • Supports receiving input digits from the user (e.g., simple numeric input to select menu options as well as complex input such as account numbers, telephone numbers, etc)
  • Has capability of the IVRS Menus to perform custom operations (integrate with external environments) to support workflows
  • Generates Call Records for reconciliation
  • Has extensive logging that allows for error detection and auditing
  • Heterogeneous network support – a variety of telecom network interfaces such as SS7, ISDN and the like.
  • Scalable – the platform is based on a scalable server farm. It allows handling outbound/ inbound call rate growth requirements. New OBD /IVRS servers may be added and configured during a maintenance window without affecting services.
  • Standards based – the dialer is based on the SS7 standard or ISDN standard
  • Flexibility – The telephony hardware used to interface with the network is vendor agnostic
  • Highly Available