Voice Broadcast

An easy to set up and use fully automated system, our Voice Broadcast service is ideal for retailers, insurance companies, vas content providers, content aggregators, ecommerce sites, clubs. Such businesses can send promotional voice messages or advertise new offers for their members or registered customers.

Companies can register, upload a voice file and an excel sheet of mobile and landline numbers, pay and schedule the voice promotion. The voice file though will have to be validated by our team for legality.

Reaching customers where they are

A new mobile marketing solution, from Impiger Technologies, enables businesses to send offers and promotions over voice to customers. And reach customers at any time they want. Marketers are beginning to realize that mobile marketing must be part of their media mix. And that audio promotions can be leveraged to promote a brand. Voice increases brand recall and also offers a medium to engage users.

Mobile marketing is highly targeted. Surveys reveal that 95% of mobile users tend to read SMS messages as compared to just 25% for email advertising. Impiger Technologies, a leader in the telecom voice space, has seen an 80% listening rate for voice promotions. Impiger has delivered 300 million voice calls and millions of sms across leading operator networks like Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Idea and Reliance.

In-store promotions, discount sales, privilege offers can be sent instantly to millions of customers in a single day. The voice promotion can also link to an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), to engage customers to respond showing interest in the promotion. The customer care team can then work on the leads generated. As for SMS promotions, it is possible for companies to send a discount coupon code to customers to be shown at the time of billing. Perfect way to measure ROI.

Apart from targeting their own customer databases, businesses can also promote their product or service to all the mobile and landline subscribers throughout major cities and states in India. However, those who have enrolled in the Do Not Disturb category will not get such promotions.

Promoting a brand or announcing a sale can also be done in a novel and exciting way by sending voice messages. 30 or 60 second voice promos can be sent to both mobile and landline promotions. The moment the person picks the call the voice promotion plays. The advantage for businesses is that they are billed only for the calls listened to by users. Besides it’s a scalable marketing solution with the ability to target millions in a few days. Businesses can monitor the campaign statistics every 15 minutes over a web interface.

This medium offers some distinct advantages over other mediums of advertising – direct reach to customer, lack of competitor advertising in the same medium; and a way to interact with customer. The sms can also provide customers the option to respond, even buy products from a store.

By investing in the easyCampaign solution, companies can manage the entire sms and voice campaign at their end; and can send different promotions to different outlets or areas. Or take Impiger Technologies’ hosted service without hardware or software costs. And pay for just the answered calls.

If you would like to run a voice campaign to your customer database, please call us today.